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Illustration Artwork

For us, 3D illustrations are the artistic and technically experimental examination of a specific topic as the basis and foundation for the development of innovative ideas and 3D technologies. "If there is something worth living for, it is the contemplation of beauty. The experience of beauty would make people strive for the "eternal truth" of "ideas". In all appearances, it is beauty alone that awakens our love." Plato

Digital 3D illustrations as art form and test arena.

Digital art is a very young form of art,
which can be found almost exclusively on the Internet so far. With the purchase of the first PCs in the 80/90s (supplemented by appropriate graphics software that made painting and designing with the computer possible in the first place), the first attempts to use the computer as an artistic medium also began. And since art is always looking for a stage to present itself, the Internet became the platform for digital art. Very quickly a subculture emerged here, beyond the usual art channels. The variety and quality of the works shows a very wide range and there are many different terms in this context, e.g. computer-generated art, computer art, computer graphics, cyber art, etc., which are used as synonyms for digital art.

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