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Digital Creativity Funding

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VISUALIMPRESSION (Stefan Haberkorn) is supported by the promotion of projects to shape digital change in Saxony-Anhalt. I would like to thank both the taxpayers and the state government for this support and the trust they have placed in me. I believe in Saxony-Anhalt as a business location and actively strengthen the development of innovative digital products. At the same time I am working to create new jobs to inspire young people to become active in the region together with me.

Knowledge transfer and training with virtual reality

Objective of the project: The aim of the project is to program practical and efficient learning concepts that are applicable to the most important labour market scenarios. Using concrete, relevant examples, the user will be introduced to the respective machine and confronted with its functional diversity. The APP application programmed by us is modular and adaptable, so that the learning concept can be adapted to any other machine, process simulation and in the educational sector with little effort. As the industry is constantly developing, the conditions and requirements are also changing. New industries with different machines and processes will be interested in our learning concepts, therefore adaptability or flexibility plays a decisive role. In addition, a special web area will be created in the existing website 360Stereo3D.com, where the application scenarios will be described. Within the scope of the project, meaningful pictures and video trailers for the learning concepts will be produced, which will be available for explanation and marketing on the website.

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